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Control of automated systems

An important piece of hardware in the automation process are conveyors. Vis these long tracks, articles are transported from the bulk to the pick stock, for example. The conveyors of Costo Intralogistics are in perfect harmony with our Arrow WMS. From the set-up of the articles to the delivery at the last position of the conveyor, all information is transparant in the WMS.

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The advantages of the conveyor module

Automating the intralogistics warehouse process can only be efficient through quality hardware combined with the innovative software. By having conveyors controlled by the Arrow WSM conveyor module, the internal logistics process does not run a bit smarter. A few advantages in a row:

  • Perfect tuning between the conveyors and the WMS
  • Constant insight into the location of the goods
  • Any malfunctions are immediately visible

Curious how the conveyor module can improve your warehouse?

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How the conveyor module works

Within the warhouse, goods must be moved from A to B. At different locations processes have to be controlled. The WMS know which orders are in the system and the expected outcome. Based on these facts, the right conveyors are conrolled to transport the goods through the warehouse. For example, from the box folding machine, which hands the process over to the conveyor that sends in to the correct zone for orderpicking to fill the box. The conveyor checks it and then sends it towards the right place for transport. When there are large volumes of movement per hour, it’s crucial that decisions are made quickly. Our WMS is able to react within minuts and make correct decisions.
The conveyor module of the WMS takes care of the perfect coorperation between the conveyors and the warehouse management system.

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Realized projects

We’re very proud of our completed projects!
Look here for some of our reference projects.

Case Smyths toys (EN)

Retail and e-commerce combined in one warehouse. This was the result of an optimal focus on scalability, stock optimization and reducing the required m2.
The smart application and collaboration of WMS, ERP & hardware made this possible at Smyths Toys in Walsrode, Germany.

Smarter cross-docking at a logistics service provider

Order picking and cross-docking over the same sorter at a logistics service provider.


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