Smart software for every unique warehouse

Every warehouse/ DC is unique and has it’s own challenges. We’re enthousiastic about coming up with the most suitable solutions to improve the intralogistic process of every warehouse. From e-commerce,logistics services, retail and production & industry.

The next step in your warehouse

Our team, full of knowledge and experience, thinks along with you and ensures that your warehouse can take the next step. This way you can foces on the daily operation and the future!

Costo group

Costo Logistics Software is part of the Costo group.
From our office in Tilburg (NL), we as Costo Logistics Software (previously Xtend Business Software) focus on software. Costo Intralogistics is the specialist in hardware solutions from Gorinchem (NL) and Porto (Portugal).
Because we have all the expertise in-house, we are flexible and can offer appropriate quality.
In this way, we provide together the best solution for each unique warehouse!