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Managing the logistics process

Within the logistics process there is a combination of different processes, from assembling the product to order picking and preparing it for transport. A warehouse management system, WMS, makes it possible to manage and automate this process. With the right WMS, you can keep a grip on your goods flows and your stock at all times and everywhere.

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The advantages of the warehouse management system

Every warehouse is unique. So our WMS is customizable with different modules. Besides the fact that it integrates seamlessly with existing it, there are several advantages:

  • Realtime insight into current stock
  • High level of service
  • Extensive and clear reports

Curious how a WMS can optimize your warehouse?

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How a warehouse management system works

A warehouse management system (WMS) forms the link between the ERP and the warehouse control system (WCS). Based on the information provided by the ERP, the WMS controls daily operations, such as order picking and the entry and exit of goods.

The system monitors performance and generates reports that provide a better view of stock levels and KPI’s. Costo Logistics Software offers the choice between a simple WMS for stock management, or a state-of-the art variant, complete with links to existing IT environments, pick modules, RF-modules and/ or extensive reporting possibilities. Because everey warehouse is unique, every WMS is a combination of different modules.
An overview of some our modules is given below.

WMS modules

ASRS module

AS/RS module The reliable control of automated systems. Advice for your warehouse issue? Control of automated systems The AS/RS (automatic storage and retrieval system) module takes care of the control of fully automatic storage and retrieval systems. This concerns the control of, for example, mini-loads, high bay cranes and/ or robots. This module of our…

Conveyor module

Conveyor module Understanding and directing internal logistics. Curious how you can improve your warehouse? Control of automated systems An important piece of hardware in the automation process are conveyors. Vis these long tracks, articles are transported from the bulk to the pick stock, for example. The conveyors of Costo Intralogistics are in perfect harmony with…

Multi-orderpick module

Multi-orderpickmodule Smart software for efficient order picking Advice for your automation issue? Efficient orderpicken Every warehouse or distribution center is unique and requires different picking process. The mult-order picking module within the Arrow WMS can link and control the various order picking processes. With the module, the process is always arranged according to individual wishes.…

Other modules

Overige modules A module for every process and system Advice for your automation issue? Other modules of the Arrow WMS Every warehouse/ DC is unique and has it’s own challenges. In order to provide a suitable offering for every warehouse, Arrow WMS has many different modules: Inbound Count Outbound Transfer Alert: automatic alers bij calamities…

Production module

Production module Smart software for an optimal production process. Advice for your automation issue? Control of production processes In order to produce an item, several parts are often required. With the production module of our Arrow WMS the different parts are collected and brought to the right location. After production the module determines the best…

Replenishment module

Replenishment module Stock in the right place at the right time Set up the warehouse as efficiently as possible using smart software? Stock always in the smartest location Picking orders as efficiently as possible every day means that the stock must always be stored in the smartest location in the warehouse. The replenishment module of…

Transport module

Transport module The logistics process inside and outside the DC seamlessly coordinated. Advice for your automation issue? Every order ready for transport on time To have all orders ready for transport on time, Arrow WMS from Costo Logistics Software has a transport module. This smart module makes it possible to manage the inflow and outflow…

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