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Every sector requires an specialized approach by the automation of the warehouse. There’re innovative solutions for e-commerce, retail, logistics services, production and industry.


Retail requires an exceptionally efficient distribution center. In which speed, accuracy and insight play a major role.

Production & Industry

Smart software ensures a reliable internal logistics process in manufacturing & industry.

Logistics services/3PL

Flexibility and scalability are crucial. A WMS provides insight and contributes to being able to switch gears in a timely manner.


Smart software helps to continue to meet high expectations in quality and service.

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Smart solutions for improving the intralogistic process.

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Voice technologie

Voice technologie at orderpicking Automationissue at your warehouse? Five good reasons to use voice technology in order picking Costo Intralogistics recently presented a special vest. A vest with voice components and a speaker set for optimal and voice-controlled order picking. Of course, many other voice systems exist, and at Costo we like to take a…

Further growth with OxGreenfield

Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software strengthen their position in the market Want to know more about understanding and managing logistics processes? Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software strengthen their position in the market DGA’s of Costo Intralogistics & Xtend Business Software sell the majority of the shares to OxGreenfield for further growth and development…

Donation Edwin van der Sar Foundation

Erik Koudijs handed out the donation to Annemarie van der Sar of the Edwin van der Sar Foundation. This year we’ve decided to act a little different as usual at the end of the year. Instead of giving a personal present to our relations we made the decision to donate to a good cause instead:…