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Case Kuehne+Nagel

Contract Logistics is one service that Kuehne+Nagel offers to manage the complex supply chains and distribution for a wide range of customers. For the warehouse in Luxembourg they asked Costo to achieve increasing order capacity within the same space. Read here how Costo Logistics Software and Costo Intralogistics supplied a fully customized warehouse management system (WMS) in combination with a storage and order/zone picking system.

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Case The Rolf Group

One of the challenges is the peak load due to the seasonal nature of The Rolf Group, global total supplier for day care centers and elementary school. To make the process as efficient and error-free as possible, the combination of hardware and software (WMS) solutions was chosen. Read all about the challenge and solution at De Rolf Group here.

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sorter conveyor - Costo intralogistics Warehouse control system

Case Smyths Toys

Focus on scalability, stock optimization and reducing the required m2 resulted in merging retail and e-commerce into one warehouse at Smyths Toys in Walsrode, Germany. The smart application and cooperation of WMS, ERP & hardware made this possible.

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Case Logistics service provider

Double efficiëncy Order picking and crossdocking over the same sorter at a logistics provider. The challenge Serving the DIY-sector flexibly: Smarter cross-docking by a logistics service provider, Willebroek (BE) With space savings of more than 50%, a significant reduction in errors in the process and efficiency improvements in order picking, this logistics service provider is…

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Plateaulift leanlift

Case Kobout

Smarter inventory management and higher delivery speed. This was necessary to continue to meet the changing and higher demands of customers. Read here about how Costo Logistics Software’s Arrow WMS replaced the WMS module from Kobout’s ERP package to meet the demands in inventory management and delivery speed.

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