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Every order ready for transport on time

To have all orders ready for transport on time, Arrow WMS from Costo Logistics Software has a transport module.

This smart module makes it possible to manage the inflow and outflow of trucks. This creates the most efficient distribution center.

Costo Intralogistics
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The advantages of the transportmodule

If you feel that your DC is overrun with trucks, the transport module of Arrow WMS offers a solution. This software ensures optimal dock management of the distriburion center. The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Orders are ready for transport on time
  • No trucks waiting in front of the docks
  • Efficient filling of trucks

Curious how the transport module can improve your deliveries?

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How does the transport module work?

The transport module ensures that pallets are filled and prepared in the correct order for an efficient loading process. The route and stops of the carrier are visible in the WMS, and will be avoiding unnecessay distances. Multiple carriers with individual delivery requirements are also no problem for the Arrow Warehouse Management Software system. Within the smart transport module, dock management is included. This enables the WMS system to map and guide the entry and exit of trucks, trucks do not have to wait for each other.
In short, the transport module ensures a seamless connection of the logistics process inside and outside the distribution center.

Costo Intralogistics
Costo Intralogistics

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