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Control of production processes

In order to produce an item, several parts are often required. With the production module of our Arrow WMS the different parts are collected and brought to the right location. After production the module determines the best location in the warehouse for the manufactured article and makes it available for the order picking process. Within the WMS the production module is linked to the multi-order picking module. This link provides the smartest route and control of processes for, and transport to, the order pickingarea.

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The advantages of the production module

Before articles end up in the picking process, for example zone-picking or voice-picking, the different parts of the article must be collected and put together. The production module takes care of this task and has some other important advantages besides the easy assembly of articles:

  • Produces articles immediately available
  • Optimale system utilization
  • Maximum efficiency

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How a production module works

The production module of our Arrow Warehouse Manament System (WMS) is the software application for managing and controlling material handling systems. The module ensures that the right parts are collected to make the finished product.
Then the items must be moved to the assigned warehouse storage and ready for assembly of the finished product. When all items are ready the employee receives a notification and assembles the finished product. After assembling the finished product, it goes to the most effecient place in the warehouse for storage. The link with the multi-orderpicking module enables a smooth transition with the order picking process. In this way, the process can be controlled an the basis of turnover rate and your warehouse will never stand still.

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