Automation issue in your warehouse?

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Are you also considering optimizing the order picking process?
Would you like to go from a person-to-goods to a goods-to-person process?
We are happy to explain how robots can help.

What is the advantage of robots?
Robots can be a godsend in the process of order picking, by increasing productivity and reducing the number of kilometers to be walked by order pickers. The robots not only realize a strong improvement in your picking process, but also a more compact storage. This allows you to store more products in the same space.

The robot positions itself under the racking section and brings the complete section to the picking zone. This way you go from a “person-to-goods” to a “goods-to-person process”.
At the pick zone, the order picker is guided by a pointer which lights up at the right article.
The operator places the article in the correct order bin.
After all articles are picked from the rack, the robot makes way for the next robot with articles. The complete process from replenishment to picking is controlled by the WMS.

Meer informatie

More info about the robots at the Costo Intralogistics website.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Fewer errors
  • Increase productivity
  • No walking distances
  • Relieve employees of heavy workload
  • Scalability; you can start with a small basic robot and then expand modularly
  • Up to 450 picks per hour per operator